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General NewsThe pros and cons of smoking CBD

The pros and cons of smoking CBD

You’ve probably observed cannabidiol (CBD) all over the place, from gummies sold at the drugstore to boutique coffee drinks. There’s a reason to believe that smoking high CBD flowers could be among the most effective methods to enjoy the potential advantages that come from CBD.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of using CBD flowers and would like to know the advantages and disadvantages here’s the article for you. If you’re looking for an actual guide to smoking CBD, there’s a guide for you too.

The distinction between CBD and THC is the difference between them.

Contrary to popular opinion, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD have plenty in common. These are among the highest concentrations of cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants. They each have the potential to ease anxiety. They have the exact chemical structure (the molecules are just placed differently). The primary distinction in THC or CBD could be summarized in one word: Intoxication.

CBD is often marketed as nonpsychoactive or lacking psychoactive effects, however, it’s better described as non-intoxicating. Why? Although CBD doesn’t cause you to get high, that numbing sensation you may experience after taking a CBD tincture can be considered psychoactive. Anything that exerts an immediate effect on the functioning of the brain can be psychoactive. In contrast, THC can be intoxicating even at very low dosages.

What causes this to happen has to be related to how THC, as well as CBD, can interact in your body’s endocannabinoid systems (ECS). The human endocannabinoid system is comprised of cannabinoid receptors that are located in all parts of the human body. The most researched cannabinoid receptors include the Cannabinoid-1 and the receptors for Cannabinoid-2 (CB1 as well as CB2) and are present throughout the nervous system of the central nerve, peripheral nervous system as well as immune system.

THC interacts with CB1 receptors within the brain to create the classic high associated with marijuana, and CBD has been proven to interact with CB1 receptors and acts in a way to counteract. When taken together, CBD appears to increase the therapeutic and pleasant benefits that come from THC by reducing undesirable side effects, such as anxiety and a fast heartbeat.

How consumption methods affect the way you consume

The method of consumption plays a significant role in the time it takes to take to experience the effects that CBD has. Inhalation is regarded as a successful method of delivery for CBD due to the speed at which the body absorbs the substance. When CBD is inhaled or smoked and inhaled, cannabinoids get into the lungs and eventually the bloodstream, which circulates throughout the body.

While some cannabis customers and patients prefer to consume CBD by mouth or application on the skin, others have discovered that inhalation is the most effective method to take in CBD. There is scientific evidence to support this choice.

Based on the research of Dr. Adie Rae, a scientist and a scientific adviser of Weedmaps, “The bioavailability of CBD is higher through the lungs than in the stomach. In particular, approximately 50% of the CBD that you breathe in goes into your bloodstream, however only 5 percent of the CBD consumed is absorbed into the bloodstream.” An Chemistry & Biodiversity study that was published the year 2017 validates that by stating that although the bioavailability of CBD can depend on the way the CBD is consumed, “smoking… can be a quick and effective method of delivery of the drug through the lungs to the brain.”

Additionally, The effects can be felt within minutes of the inhalation. In the case of food products, their effects in contrast may take as long as two hours to begin to manifest.

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