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VapeWhat do you feel? Does CBD vape affect you?

What do you feel? Does CBD vape affect you?

Please note that this ‘how CBD vape makes you feel the article was co-authored by Dr. Andres Maldonado M.D. This is following the ‘Vape and juice medical review policy. Take a look at the policy of our Medical Editorial Team or policy generally on the page.

What does CBD vape affect you? This is a question you’ll have to ask Google before you decide on smoking the vape. There are many positive reports about how it affects you feel or you’re concerned about adverse side effects.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know to provide you with an idea of what CBD vape can give you a feeling before you even try it. We guide you to research in the field of medicine and also our blog posts that were co-authored by a doctor, and also the law.

What exactly is CBD vaping?

It’s best, to begin with, the basics. Sorry if we’re telling the art of sucking eggs and then eat them, but here’s the thing. CBD vaping is the process where CBD e-liquid is heated by the vaporizer and then breathed into the lungs of the user.

The liquid is made up of VG, PG, and CBD along with flavorings. It is designed for use in small pod kits, or even starter vape devices – not your typical sub-ohm tank. But, with that said there are some CBD juices such as Big Fat CBD that have high quality and are suitable for sub-ohm kits. Check your bottle CBD Eliquid to find out the ratio.

It is important to mention this: while it’s described as CBD vape oil but it’s not oil. Drops of oil in a tincture and CBD liquids aren’t identical.

Can I take too much CBD?

There’s a good thing. You shouldn’t take too many CBD nicotine vapes. But, it’s essential to take your dose right to ensure it is working for you.

It is important to remember that having the more you take doesn’t always mean better. Indeed, studies suggest that more doses can cause you to feel tired and sluggish, so if you’ve got an extended day of work to do, it may be best to take a lower dose.

Learn more about how to find your ideal CBD dosage with the CBD dose calculator.

While it isn’t possible to overdose on CBD vape oils, there are some mistakes that you can make that won’t bring you happiness or make you feel not like you’ve ever experienced before and could be risky. They include:

You can purchase hemp oil and think it’s CBD but they aren’t identical. Hemp oil is an excellent oil to buy but it does not contain CBD.

Vaping CBD tinctures made from CBD is an oil that was designed to be consumed orally and not heated up in the vape device.

Vaping THC oil can be dangerous. In reality, a lot of the mysterious cases of lung diseases were caused by smoking THC oil. Read our blog about Dank Vapes and how to stay clear of these!

Vaping CBD that’s not the right dosage or strength for your needs isn’t a danger, however, if you choose an amount that is small for you, it may not produce the desired effects. Follow our CBD dosage calculator

What impact do CBD vapes have on me?

It’s difficult to determine precisely what impact CBD has on you, however, we can inform you of the most frequently mentioned impacts. This includes:


Peace of mind

Pain relief

Reduction in inflammation

Alert and tired (dose-dependent)

We explore the advantages that come from CBD vape on our blog that has been medically reviewed and written with Dr. Andres Maldonado M.D.

CBD Vape Vs CBD Oil

Head to head CBD oil vs CBD vape oils. Which one is better in terms of results and speed of delivery? the most discreet way to use it?

You might have made your mind by now and are now a fan of vapes and CBD oil. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of each.

CBD oil pros

Easy to use


Different strengths

It doesn’t require any additional apparatus, like a Vaporiser

CBD oil pros

It can be longer than CBD vape to show an effect

CBD vape pros

Bioavailable is the most common term (which generally means fast-acting)

Great taste with authentic cannabis or vape-like flavors

Different strengths

CBD Vape Cons

Just a little more of a costly expense

Not as discreet as oil.

Smoking cigarettes is prohibited in areas where vaping is

Are there any side effects associated with vaping CBD?

The negative effects of vaping CBD and using it in however you want to are being investigated. The majority of research has been conducted with animals or under in-vitro conditions. There is much research to be done to determine how this could benefit users, and also the adverse effects as well.

We go into more depth on all this on our CBD blog about side effects (just click and go to it) The Dr. Andres Maldonado M.D. is the co-author on this blog and has provided it with an excellent factual check.

If you don’t have the time to go through that book We must be honest and inform you that they are there. The good news for users is that most times, the unwanted consequences are minor (abdominal pain nausea, extreme sleepiness). However, some are extremely rare for example, palpitation or paranoia attacks. Be aware that if you begin experiencing “not well” after consuming any type of product the first thing you need to do is seek the advice of your health doctor.

Will CBD vaping get me high?

You may have come to the assumption that since CBD is derived from cannabis plants it will make you feel high. This isn’t the case. The chemical responsible for making you feel giddy as well as sick, paranoid, and disoriented, is THC. THC is illegal in several countries, like the UK. This is what causes cannabis to be considered illegal.

Indeed, CBD isn’t going to get you high. The only way CBD could make you feel high is as if it had more than the maximum amount allowed for THC.

You can read more about CBD’s legal status and why it won’t get you high on our blog Is CBD Vape Legal?


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